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"Opera is all around us!

Where music is all around you!

BaBETTA Saves the Star-spangled banner.

We love Baltimore and are proud to be Americans! So we decided to create an animated short film celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner: the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key's poem that became our National Anthem.

Follow the adventures of Babetta and her friends as they Save the Star Spangled Banner.

The main characters of this series, set entirely in Baltimore, are four friends and a white cat with red whiskers. Babetta, Ernest, Sumiko and Tyrone together with Domitilla will guide children on an adventure to discover the world of music demonstrating their passion for foreign languages, art, gourmet food and something that should never be missing, great fun.

Their adventures all begin in Baltimore where they all grew up, met and now with a little bit of a challenge attend their freshman year of college at Peabody Conservatory and Towson University.

Babetta Sepanaci’s close relationship with her grandmother, Babetta di Curon, who arrived from Italy in 1909, has conveyed to her a great love for opera (“So she can travel to many faraway lands without leaving her home town”), a predisposition for languages (“with her grandmother she only speaks Italian – it’s their own secret language”- she has always made her feel like the female American version of 007!), and a keen culinary talent (just try her pasta with meat sauce to become a believer).

Babetta has decided, together with her friends, to carry on her grandmother’s work at Babetta TV.

Opera across USA

Introducing Santa Fe Opera

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